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My Body My Earth, and its The Five Steps of Somatic Archaeology, provide an insightful, transformative, and practical body-centered guide for healing the heart of your personal, generational, and spiritual stories.

Tinidazole over the counter drug, Buy tinidazole tablets

Within each body is an archaeological site that holds the details and wisdom of our extraordinary life story, composed of generational, spiritual, and personal experiences. Historical amnesia locks these stories in the body. This manifests as pain, disease, addictions, emotional patterns, and repetitive circumstances. Somatically excavating your personal legend unearths memories of the past that can be reconciled and healed to create a new myth for your body and for your Earth. My Body, My Earth provides the tools to explore your somatic warehouse of generational memory in order to decipher the cause and effect of your experiences and life patterns.

This guidebook for personal transformation reveals the “Five Steps of Somatic Archaeology” so that you, too, can heal your past and recover your joy. Somatic Archaeology (TM) bridges the ancient Medicine Wheel, human behavior, spirituality, and bodywork into a revolutionary pathway that provides essential tools for a full body evolution; a natural and gradual progression of recreating ourselves and our world.